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Home Base Partners with TRX Elite to Gift Suspension Trainer to Veterans

Home Base officially launched Warrior Health and Fitness in the Greater Tampa Area in October of 2021. Through a partnership with Tampa General Hospital (TGH), Home Base is delivering its staple wellness program for Veterans in the region. Through 3 cohorts, Home Base and TGH have delivered our Warrior Health and Fitness program to 63 Veterans including an active cohort of 22 current Veteran participants graduating the first week of September 2022. The overall goal of Warrior Health and Fitness is to empower Warriors to take control of their physical well-being through exercise and healthy eating, not only while active in the 3-month wellness program, but also after completing it as a lifestyle behavioral change.

Home Base and TRX Elite have partnered to provide Veterans a TRX Suspension Trainer upon graduating Warrior Health and Fitness at Tampa General Hospital. The concept is to encourage Veterans to continue to engage in exercise utilizing the TRX Suspension Trainer either in the comfort of their home or outdoors. TRX is portable and can easily attach to a multitude of anchor points such as a door at home, light post, pull-up bar, and tree branch. To ensure Veterans are utilizing the suspension trainer in the proper manner, TRX Elite has provided them with a 1-year membership subscription to their fitness app or TTC-TRX Training Club at no cost. Through TRX Training Club, Veterans can follow an array of guided workouts led by a certified TRX coach. Additionally, there are instructional videos on how to properly anchor the TRX and tutorials for proper execution of all exercises.

TRX Elite highly supports our military, military-affiliated organizations, Veterans, and has Veteran preference when hiring within its organizations with its majority of employees being prior service members. Home Base and TRX Elite are excited for this partnership and delivering our Veterans a way to continue to engage in safe exercise while promoting and encouraging a healthy lifestyle change.