Home Base Adventure Series: Candlepin Bowling

Join Home Base for a quintessential New England activity: candlepin bowling! The game was first played in 1880 in Worcester, MA and is beloved from Massachusetts up through the Canadian Maritime provinces. Candlepin bowling is distinguished from 10-pin bowling by a smaller ball only 5 inches in diameter and the taller, thinner shape of the pins. Each round is a box and a full game is called a string. Highlighting the Mass. Military Heroes Fund’s recent partnership with Home Base, Families of the Fallen will have first priority but all are welcome to register.

The event will be on Saturday, April 29th from 3-5 pm at the Cottage Park Yacht Club, located at 1 Baker Square, Winthrop, MA 02152. Children are welcome to bowl as long as they can understand the rules of the game, though any age can attend. The venue does not provide bowling shoes – you are welcome to bring your own or to bowl in your socks. The club is wheelchair accessible. Street parking is free on the streets surrounding the club. By public transit, the club can be reached by taking the Blue Line to Orient Heights and transferring to the 713 bus that stops at Pleasant St @ Bartlett Road, a six-minute walk from the club. Tickets are limited for this event and Home Base will likely run a lottery.