Florida Adventure Series: Volunteer Day at Animal Refugee Center

Home Base Florida is excited to announce its collaboration with Suffolk Construction to lend a helping hand at the Animal Refugee Center in Ft. Myers, FL. On July 15th, we extend a special invitation to 20 Veterans and their Family Members to join us in this volunteer effort. Together, we will focus on repairing cat building screens for those without cat allergies and installing tarps in the dog lodge area to offer much-needed shade for our beloved four-legged companions. This day of giving back promises to be a rewarding experience for all involved, and we encourage everyone to come and make a positive impact in the lives of these animals in need.

Volunteering will be on Saturday, June 15th starting at 8 pm at the Animal Refugee Center, 18011 Old Bayshore Rd, North Fort Myers, FL 33917. Spaces are limited, we ask that you secure your spot my emailing Larry Whitmore at lwwhitmore@mgb.org