Resilient Warrior

In 2015, Home Base launched a series of educational, mind body courses called Resilient Warrior that help address the negative impact that stress, and its many related conditions, can have on a Veteran.

The Resilient Warrior course engages Student Veterans and Service Members in a 6-week curriculum, delivered in a weekly 1.5-hour class. The course is designed to reduce the impact of stress through a variety of mind-body techniques as well as skill-building exercises scientifically shown to improve medical symptoms, mood, and well-being.


Home Base's Resilient Warrior Course

What You Can Expect

Resilient Warrior will help participants:

  • arm in arm solidersUnderstand the link between stress and physical/emotional problems, and its relationship to military deployment
  • Reduce physical symptoms
  • Appreciate the role of positive thoughts and beliefs in support of mind body healing
  • Learn to turn off stress through new behaviors and attitudes
  • Develop skill in a variety of techniques that elicit the relaxation response
  • Learn the importance of healthy eating and physical activity to overall health and well-being

These courses also address issues such as insomnia and lack of extended social support that take a heavy toll not only on Veterans and Service Members, but their Families as well.

Participants who have more complex mental and physical challenges that require clinical care during or after the Resilient Warrior program will be encouraged to follow-up with Home Base or another local provider.