Resilient Warrior

In 2015, Home Base launched a series of educational, mind-body courses called Resilient Warrior that help veterans manage their stress more effectively. Resilient Warrior is a mind-body program developed by Home Base in collaboration with the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine (BHI). The fundamental principle of this program is that while people may not be able to control stressful events, they can learn to control their response to stress and, in turn, improve their ability to adapt more effectively to stress (or build resilience).

Home Base's Resilient Warrior Course

What You Can Expect

Resilient Warrior will help participants:

  • arm in arm solidersLearn how to manage your stress and anger
  • Gain support from other Veterans
  • Understand how you might be more likely to experience stress and anger than others
  • Improve your ability to talk to others
  • Increase your patience when frustrated
  • Train your mind and body to relax more
  • Improve your sleep, nutrition and exercise

Join Home Base or our partner, Hope for The Warriors. The 2022 schedule will be available soon.