Staying Strong Series

Staying Strong is an initiative to build the well-being of military-connected children through parent guidance and school engagement. Paula Rauch, MD, MGH child psychiatrist, offers practical advice on deployment cycle challenges using the lens of a child’s developmental stage and temperament. Recognizing educators play a critical role during times of family stress, Staying Strong presents an evidence-based model of collaboration with your children’s school to further foster resilience during those challenges. Staying Strong was made possible through the generous support of the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation.


How Schools Build Resilience in Military Families

Visitors Guide

The Developmental Climb

Facing Challenges Together

Talking to Your Children and Teens

Preschool Development

Shy Allie - A Military Family Story

Active Dougie – A Military Family Story

Elementary School Development

Prickly Heidi – A Military Family Story

Sensitive Matt - A Military Family Story

Middle School Development

Reserved Bettina - A Military Family Story

Carefree Pete - A Military Family Story

High School Development

Social Whitney - A Military Family Story

Alienated Terry – A Military Family Story