Resiliency Programs

6-session courses designed to teach a variety of mind-body techniques and skill-building exercises to manage stress

Building resiliency for a healthy life

Resilient Warrior and Resilient Family are six-session, mind-body courses developed by Home Base in collaboration with the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

Resilient Youth, developed by the Benson-Henry Institute and MGH Child Resiliency Program, is also a six-session course. Home Base is pleased to offer this educational series to any Military-connected child in grades 1-12.

The fundamental principle of each of these three programs is that while people may not be able to control stressful events, they can learn to control their response to stress and, in turn, improve their ability to adapt more effectively to stress.

Resilient Warrior

Designed to help Veterans and Service Members learn effective techniques for managing stress.

Resilient Family

Designed to help Family Members of Veterans or Service Members build resiliency in managing stress.

Resilient Youth

Designed for Military-connected children and teens to learn practical skills for reducing stress.

The Home Base Resilience Team