Nutrition: Back to Work Meal Prepping Tips

Goals are difficult to accomplish when you have no plan. The same is true when you are trying to eat healthily. You might have the ability to avoid the temptation from eating certain foods, however, that will-power might slip away when your stomach starts to grumble. Meal prepping can aid in keeping your nutrition goals on track by preparing healthy meals for the week.  Here are some quick tips to successfully meal prep throughout the week.

Create a Menu

In order to start meal prepping we need to come up with what is on the menu for the week. Aim to make 2-3 recipes the weekend before the workweek for your lunches and dinners.

If you are new to cooking, keep recipes simple. Soups, chilies, and pasta dishes are usually great starters. You can freeze meals for later in the week when leftover rations start becoming low.

Keep breakfast fast and easy! Yogurt, oatmeal, and smoothies serve as great options for a quick, healthy meal in the morning. If you want to prep breakfast, try baking muffins or quiche cupcakes. Even pre-made pancakes can keep breakfast not as boring throughout the week.

Grocery Shopping Tips

Once we have your menu picked out, write down all the ingredients for a grocery list. This will help keep you on track and avoid unnecessary trips back to the store throughout the week. Depending on how much food the recipe yields, you can always double up on a recipe if you need more food or have more mouths to feed at home.

A stocked pantry and freezer with canned and frozen vegetables and fruits, pasta, grains, and beans can help you be prepared to make a last-minute healthy meal. Having fully stocked herbs and spices cabinet is also important as you begin your journey to cooking at home.

Time to Start Cooking

Cooking multiple recipes can seem overwhelming and if you aren’t careful, it can take a whole day to complete. The best strategy is to set aside a couple of hours on your weekend to spend in the kitchen.

You can strategize and multitask while cooking recipes. For example, chopping vegetables while rice is boiling or while a casserole is baking.

Don’t be afraid to use kitchen equipment like a crockpot, air fryer, food processor, blender, or a pressure cooker to make prepping even faster.

Learn to enjoy cooking and treat it as a time to relax or as a fun activity to do with your loved ones. There is nothing more rewarding than to make a delicious homemade meal for you or your whole family.