Mindfulness: Grounding Walking Meditation

Mediation can appear in many forms. For individuals who find seated mediation to be difficult, a walking mediation can be a wonderful way to receive the benefits of mediation including relaxation, mindfulness, grounding, relieving stress, or anxiety.

Did you know that when you walk there are actually three separate actions? As you walk you lift one foot, you carry this foot and then you place the foot back down on the ground.  For this mediation, you will focus all of your energy on separating these three actions.

Find a tranquil place for your walking mediation, a place where you can continue the mediation for as long as you would like without any distractions. Try to take a soft gaze with your eyes while keeping them open to support your balance.


Begin slowly, as you lift your foot, sharply focus on the energy it takes to begin lifting. Feel each point of contact to the ground releasing from your heel to the toe. Feel the weight of your foot change. Feel your knee bending slightly.


As you transition from lifting your foot to carrying your foot, feel the force of energy in your leg as it begins to carry your foot forward. Focus on the sensation of your foot hovering over the ground, moving through the air around you.


As you begin to place your foot in front of the other, notice each point of contact reuniting with the ground. Heel, arch, ball of foot, and toes. Recognize do you place your toes down first or your heel? Feel your knee unfolding, straightening. Take note of the weight exchange as you shift to stand evenly for a moment before transitioning to the other side.

The goal of this mediation is to break down the simple act of walking to be mindful of every sensation, every moment, noticing how your body feels, moves, and changes.

Take note of every small sensation to feel within these three actions, you may even find more pieces then described in this article. Focusing all of your mental energy on noticing your body and the elements around you can provide an inner quiet from the daily stresses of life.