Fitness Education: Intermediate Foam Rolling


Foam rolling is a great way to warm up and cool down from your workouts or training sessions. Not only does it feel like a massage, but it also relaxes your fascia and helps engage your core while rolling. In today’s #HBHealthAtHome fitness education video, Chris Manzano shares a few movements that are a little bit more advanced so you can get the most out of your foam roller!

Active Release for Quadriceps (but you can do this with any large muscle group)

Roll your quadriceps as you normally would (for a #HBHealthAtHome tutorial, click here ) Find an area that is significantly tighter than usual and stay on that spot; then bend your knee back and forth for a few seconds or reps. Continue to foam roll, search for other tight areas and repeat.

Latissimus Dorsi Roll

Laying on your side and your arm above your head, rest the roller just under your arm on the backside of your chest. Roll along with the muscle up and down for 30-60sec each side.

Foam Roller Chest Stretch:

With a long foam roller or a short roller with a few towels, lay on the roller lengthwise on your spine. Position your arms in a “T” and allow them to relax toward the floor, stretching your chest. Hold the stretch for 30-60sec.

Active Release for Upper Back

Foam roll your upper back as you normally would, searching for tight areas. Once you find a tight spot, hold and begin to slowly raise and lower your arms above your head. Perform for a few seconds or reps. Continue to roll and repeat as necessary.