Facts About Participating in New Clinical Trials

Five important facts about research at Home Base, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital:

1. Your participation in new clinical trials is 100% voluntary. The choice is completely up to you. No patient is ever required to participate in clinical trials.

2. There are many benefits to participating in Home Base trials. Your team includes doctors and other health care professionals who are familiar with the most advanced treatments.

  • You may have access to study medications and/or therapy that are not widely accessible, at no cost
  • You can learn more about your condition and how to manage it
  • You will be helping others by contributing to our knowledge and helping identify new treatments for PTSD & TBI

3. Clinical trial participation will not affect your ability to get care at Home Base. Your care at Home Base will not be impacted if you decide not to participate. If you do decide to participate in a clinical trial, and give consent, your Home Base clinician will be aware of your clinical trial participation and will help to coordinate your treatment.

4. All MGH clinical trials are rigorously scrutinized. Home Base is required to have their studies approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB). The IRB is composed of scientific experts, clinicians, and community members. The IRB review everything about the study before it begins, including its scientific merit, safety of participants, and ethical considerations.

5. There are risks to every trial. There is no guarantee that the treatment will make you better. Some medications may have side effects. Psychotherapies can temporarily increase distress. We will not hide those risks from you. The Home Base  team will talk about any possible risks with you, and if your symptoms get worse, you can be removed from the study. The Home Base clinical team can then develop a different treatment plan for you.