Staying Strong

080603-N-4469F-003Staying Strong for Parents

Staying Strong offers the Military Parent a choice of 16 videos covering stages of child development, the role of temperament, parent guidance, related family activities, and eight true-to-life stories of parenting children of different ages and temperaments through key challenges in families that serve. An on-line forum encourages both questions and conversation.


Staying Strong for Educators

Staying Strong offers educators an on-line training film and companion toolkits. All of these resources consider how individual classrooms and school communities can respond to the particular needs of Military Students and Families without the need for additional costs or programs. In partnership with two MA school districts, Home Base is evaluating the use of these tools in a school-based model of resilience support to children in Military Families. This first of its kind study examines how the natural resources of schools can be harnessed to strengthen the social, academic and emotional functioning of Military-Connected Students.

Grant support for the initial development of Staying Strong provided by Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation.

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