Family Care + Support at Home Base

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At Home Base, we view family broadly. To us, “family” encompasses spouses, partners, parents, siblings, and children, but also anyone who the Veteran considers a member of their support network, including close friends. We believe that when one family member serves, the entire family serves, and to that end we use a 3-generation model of care.  Pioneered by Home Base, the 3-generation model allows us to treat the parents of Veterans (generation one) the spouse/partners/siblings of a Veteran (generation two) and the Veteran’s children (generation three).

Home Base works to overcome barriers to care for family members in a variety of ways:

  • Home Base treats the family members of Veterans regardless of their ability to pay. If the family member of a Veteran has insurance, Home Base bills it, but will pay for anything not covered by insurance including co-pays. If a Veteran family member does not have insurance, Home Base covers 100% of the treatment and support, at no cost to the patient.
  • Home Base also pays for parking for family members who come in for appointments.
  • Home Base will provide transportation to appoints to and from the regional outpatient clinic if needed, through a partnership with a group of retired Massachusetts State Police Officers.
  • Home Base offers pre-established babysitting for folks who need childcare in order to attend appointments

We offer clinical care in our regional Outpatient Clinic,  wellness programs for family members and educational sessions.

Home Base’s Clinical Team is multidisciplinary, and consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, nurses, and social workers from Massachusetts General Hospital and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, both located in Boston, MA. U.S. News & World Report ranks Massachusetts General Hospital and their psychiatry department #1 in the nation. MGH’s ties to Harvard Medical School, as the affiliated teaching hospital for the university, deliver a pipeline of the best and brightest clinicians to the program.

All of Home Base’s clinicians understand Military culture and are experienced in caring for Veterans, Service Members and their Families. Home Base also works with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Healthcare System, Department of Defense Military Health System and other providers to offer highly coordinated, individually tailored care for  Service Members Veterans and Families.


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