Nutrition: Seeds 101: Nutritional Benefits and Food Sources

Curious about those ‘superfoods’ you hear about in the media or see on grocery shelves? Learn all about different types of seeds and their nutritious benefits in today’s Operation Health at Home Nutrition post by Registered Dietitian, Inna Kagan!

Fitness WOD: Follow Along Active Recovery Day II

Follow along with Chris Manzano for another short movement session to do on your rest days or active recovery days. This 5-15 minute flow consists of easy movements, light exercises, and stretches that will help your body recover yet still get some focused movement in your day.

Mental Health: More Effective Parenting

When our children are frustrated and don’t listen to us, it can be frustrating and easy to make the situation worse. In today’s OH@H post, Home Base Staff Psychologist and Director of our Family Program, Bonnie Ohye, Ph.D. discusses Home Base’s Skillful Parenting group, hosted by Dr. Wes Sanders that helps you identify new parenting tools or improve strategies that are already working well in the household.

Fitness Education: Sneak in Movement During Your Day

Did you know? Sitting for long periods of time is life-threatening. Working from home and sitting down to watch the evolving news cycle tends to reduce our opportunities to be physically active throughout the day. But as Home Base’s Senior Exercise Physiologist Heidi Dotson points us, there are three sneaky ways to add more movement throughout your day – without even having to get off your chair!

Nutrition: Do It Yourself Pizza Bar

Bored of cooking the same meals at home and looking for new ideas? Trying to eat less take-out? Looking for a family friendly dinner activity? Put your chef hat on and have fun with this collection of DIY pizza ideas by Registered Dietitian Inna Kagan that are nutritious AND delicious!

Fitness Education: Planes of Motion and Exercise

Our body moves along 3 planes, the sagittal plane, transverse plane, and frontal plane. Now most of our daily movements are along more than just one plane. You could of course target each plane separately during your workout, but why do more work when you can just combine them? Multiplanar exercises combine movements along more than one plane. This improves balance and stability, strengthens larger groups of muscles, and can aide in injury prevention

Mental Health: Self-Care for Caregivers

As many of us are now trying to balance our work and home responsibilities in new ways, it’s easy for self-care to slip away – especially if you are a caregiver for others in your life.

In this #HBHealthAtHome segment, Kat Dunford, a member of our clinical social work team, shares some suggestions about how to identify stress warning signs and how you can develop a self-care routine to improve your overall well-being.

Fitness Workout of the Day: Frontal Plane Workout

Join Home Base SWFL’s Exercise Physiologist Brett Thompson as he takes you through a four movement, total body circuit performed completely in the frontal plane, all you need is space and your bodyweight! Stay tuned for more workouts of the day and fitness education about the planes of motion.

Fitness Education: Mental Fitness Strategies II: Be Aggressive and Focus

What do the Rock and Monks have in common? FOCUS! In the second part of the Operation Health at Home mental fitness strategy series, Warrior Health & Fitness Program Director, Ryan Vanderweit walks you through two more mental strategies to utilize in your fitness journey, being aggressive and narrowing your focus.