Nutrition Tips for Finishing Out the Year on Track

The holiday season is going to come with some changes that are out of our control, so let’s try to make positive changes for ourselves that are within our control… Home Base put together some tips for how you can stay healthy and keep progressing this holiday season!

Nutrition: Secret Ways to Sneak in Hydration 

We all know that we need to consistently drink water to stay hydrated and healthy and that drinking glasses of water are the easiest way to do so. In today’s Operation Health at Home post, you will learn some fun, easy ways to stay hydrated that aren’t just drinking water!

Fitness WOD: Lower Body Plyometric Workout

Welcome to our first of our 2 plyometric workouts. Today we will be focusing on lower body plyometrics or “jump training” Plyometrics or “plyos” are advanced, explosive movements. They incorporate power and are a great approach to enhance athleticism. To make sure everyone can join us in this workout, we have included regressions or exercises that build you up to plyometric execution but easier to execute. If you do not feel you are yet ready for plyometrics as they are very advanced, stick to the regressive exercises and still join us in this workout.

If you are ready for some explosiveness and power production in your training, then let’s get to jumping and burning some calories! I’m ready! You ready? Then let’s go!