Stand with Home Base This National Suicide Prevention Month

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, an awareness day observed each year to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides. To further create awareness and strengthen this fight, the entire month of September is Suicide Prevention Month. Though suicide is certainly not a Veteran-specific issue, a report released by the Department of Veterans Affairs

Fitness Education: Principles of Flexibility for Aging Adults

Stretching grows more important as we age. Flexibility is key to pain management, injury prevention, and maintaining mobility and independence. In this supplement to Tuesday’s Workout of the Day for our older population, Home Base’s exercise physiologist teaches you about the principle of flexibility for aging adults. Stay tuned for part two of the series next week!

Mental Health: Military Sexual Trauma

As the world faces a global crisis, thousands of Service Members and Veterans are grappling with the effects of an epidemic of their own: Military Sexual Trauma (MST), which is any sexual assault or sexual harassment experience that occurs during military service. in this #HBHealthAtHome blog post, learn why MST is associated with more severe PTSD symptoms than other trauma types, and discover the various resources available for support