Fitness Education: The Bird Dog Core Training Exercise

What’s a simple core training exercise for all levels of ability that can benefit everyone? The answer is the Bird Dog!

Join Home Base’s Exercise Physiologist Marlene DaCosta as she guides you through two versions of this exercise that helps relieve back pain, improve stability and promote proper posture.

Fitness WOD: Household Items- Belts

Home Base Nation! Let’s get our belts out and ready for a workout. Join us in our Household Item Series with the introduction of utilizing a belt for a functional workout. Jaime Fernandez will lead you through this at-home-workout. It consists of 5 exercises done in circuit style for 10-15 repetitions and 3-5 rounds. Hope you have that belt ready and good to go.

Nutrition: Plant Protein Party

Did you know that plant sources can be a great way to meet your protein needs and incorporate more variety into your diet? In today’s OH@H post, Registered Dietitian Inna Kagan walks you through the benefits of plant protein, recipe ideas, and what to look for in a plant-based protein supplement!

Fitness Education: T-Spine Mobility

The thoracic spine, or T-Spine, is where both the shoulder and neck call “home.” Having a mobile, yet stable, T-Spine is important to help decrease potential pain and decrease potential injuries in your upper back, shoulders, and neck.

Join Chris Manzano, Home Base’s Athletic Trainer, and Strength and Conditioning Specialist, as he leads you through 3 easy to follow movements that can be done at home.

Mental Health: Patterns of Problematic Thinking

The COVID-19 pandemic may be filling many of us with anxiety, fear, insecurity, and maybe even grief over the loss of normalcy, of activities and of people. When these emotions become overwhelming, we can end up going deeper into problematic thoughts and emotions.

So how do we establish stability and a feeling of safety, in the midst of uncertainty? Home Base’s Dr. Louis Chow weighs in in today’s must-see #HBHealthAtHome Mental Health segment.

Advanced Fitness WOD – Human Performance 1.1

Whether you’re interested in tactical strength, athletic performance, or overall functional health, this is the workout for you! Join Home Base’s Chris Manzano as he takes you through a warm-up, workout, and cool down that will challenge your entire body and get your heart rate pumping!

Fitness Education: Performance Enhancing Supplement Series: BCAAs

Ever consider purchasing a BCAA supplement from your gym or supplement store? Well BCAA supplements, whether in pre-workouts, vitamin mixes, or stand alone BCAAs may not not live up to the claimed hype. Athletic Trainer and Strength Coach, Chris Manzano met with Registered Dietitians Nicolette Maggiolo and Inna Kagan to explain what BCAAs are, why there is a hype, and how to best incorporate all 20 amino acids in your plan!

Donor Highlight: Robert Irvine Foundation

Home Base is deeply grateful for all those who have donated time, treasure, and talent to support its noble mission. As a small token of appreciation, this new monthly “Donor Highlight” feature will help tell the stories of Home Base supporters. As a 16-year Veteran of the British Royal Navy, Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine profoundly

COVID-19, One Year Later

This month marks one year since the day the World Health Organization officially declared the spread of the coronavirus a pandemic. In the time that has passed since March 11th, 2020, “unprecedented times” have gradually evolved into a “new normal” as the fallout associated with the pandemic continues to unfold. As a national organization dedicated