Fitness WOD: Follow Along Bodyweight HIIT Workout I

Follow along as Home Base’s Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Specialist Chris Manzano takes you through a bodyweight High Intensity Interval Training workout for your entire body. This workout uses circuits of high intensity exercises that will get your heart rate up and work you from head to toe! Follow along with Chris in the video and stay tuned for more Health at Home Workouts of the day.

Fitness WOD: Upper Body Plyometric Workout

In our latest installment of the Operation Health@Home Plyometric series, exercise physiologist Brett Thompson leads you through an upper body circuit featuring upper body plyometric exercises (and regressions) that will help you become more powerful and explosive in your movements!

Happy Holidays from the Operation Health at Home Team

From our team to yours, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season! We know that this year is different from any other holiday season but we hope that you can find moments of gratitude, find new ways to celebrate the holidays and make your favorite recipes. If you’re looking for nutrition tips, on ways to practice gratitude or workouts that you can do from home, visit

Nutrition: Could What’s on Our Plates be the Key to Longevity?

Everybody wants to know what are the keys to longevity. While there may not be a magical fountain of youth, there are populations around the world that are living the longest. In this article, we dive into the research by National Geographic of 5 areas known as the Blue Zones where most of the population live upward in their nineties. We specifically will look into their diets and how food choices can predict longevity.

Fitness Education: Lower Cross Syndrome

Working at a desk job, studying for exams, the daily commute and watching TV. Prolonged sitting is the common mechanism of injury for low back and hip pain, decreased range of motion in the lower back and the feeling of tightness or discomfort with hip movements. In today’s Operation Health at Home post, Home Base’s Exercise Physiologist Marlene DaCosta takes you through a few stretches that can help fight against the pain felt from sitting still for long periods of time and how to work them into your day!

Fitness WOD: Upper Body Isometric Workout I

Join Home Base’s Chris Manzano as he leads you in today’s upper body isometric exercise circuit. This workout can be done as its own workout routine or each individual exercise can be taken and plugged into your own routine. Isometric exercise can be described as a strong contraction of your muscle with or without resistance as your joint(s) stay still. Traditionally used for rehabilitation, isometric exercises can be used for a variety of different goals such as warm up and muscle activation, corrective and accessory exercise, or increasing strength at a certain range of motion, AKA the “sticking point.” Remember to only perform exercises that do not cause pain.

Home Base Southwest Florida Clinic Celebrates First Year

In November of 2019, Home Base Southwest Florida (SWFL) formally announced its expansion and clinical partnership with Lee Health, the largest healthcare system in Southwest Florida, to offer mental health services for Veterans and Military Families who call the five-county region home—at no cost. Although COVID-19 hit shortly after the start of the new partnership,

Veterans Day Televent Raises Critical Funds and Awareness

In a year like no other, Home Base knew Veterans Day would look—and feel—different than ever before. Since 2015, Veterans Day at Home Base has been marked by an annual TV Special hosted by WCVB Channel 5. As one of Home Base’s most important fundraising events, the annual Veterans Day special generates funding for the