Nutrition: The Holiday Home Stretch

It’s time to celebrate! The holidays are here, and while they may look a bit different this year, the annual questions of “how to stay active during the holidays” rings back in our minds as we embark on days of celebration filled with food, loved ones, and traditions. Home Base is here to help you find fitness within the holiday season. No matter what your holidays look like this year, we hope these 9 tips will get you through the next few weeks.

Nutrition Tips for Finishing Out the Year on Track

The holiday season is going to come with some changes that are out of our control, so let’s try to make positive changes for ourselves that are within our control… Home Base put together some tips for how you can stay healthy and keep progressing this holiday season!

Adventure Series Event Recap: Shy Wolf Sanctuary

Although the ability to hold events has been hamstrung by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past eight months, the Home Base Southwest Florida team partnered with the Massachusetts General Hospital Infectious Disease Department and carefully followed Florida State guidelines to safely hold an in-person event for Veterans, Service Members, and Families at the Shy Wolf

A Special Veterans Day Message from Brigadier General (ret.) Jack Hammond

Dear Friends of Home Base, In a January 1838 speech in Springfield, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln warned that America’s greatest threat would not come from abroad, our destruction would come from within! Within 25 years, this remarkable prophecy would nearly come true as brother fought brother. Before this Civil War ended nearly 750,000 Americans would be

Boston Marathon Runners Take Inspiration from Home Base’s Mission

The 124th Boston Marathon Virtual Experience was a tough challenge in an already challenging year, but 12 runners took inspiration from Home Base’s mission and committed to running virtually, raising more than $177,540 in critical funds to support Veterans, Service Members, and their Families. The Boston Marathon was initially postponed from April to September due

Nutrition: Secret Ways to Sneak in Hydration 

We all know that we need to consistently drink water to stay hydrated and healthy and that drinking glasses of water are the easiest way to do so. In today’s Operation Health at Home post, you will learn some fun, easy ways to stay hydrated that aren’t just drinking water!