Mind Body Medicine

Home Base has established a partnership with the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine (BHI), which offers comprehensive outpatient clinical care, education, and research into the physiological basis of mind body medicine.

The curriculum of the Resilient Warrior and Resilient Family programs are based on what BHI founder and director emeritus Dr. Herbert Benson, MD first described more than 35 years ago as the “Relaxation Response,” a coordinated and reproducible state of deep rest that can be elicited in a number of ways including meditation and deep breathing. The fundamental principle of mind body medicine and the Relaxation Response is that while people may not be able to control stressful events, they can learn to control their response to stress and, in turn, to build their resilience. Upon completion of Home Base’s resiliency programs, warriors and families have the necessary tools for creating and sustaining a thoughtful, constructive and truly peaceful life.

Home Base, working together with BHI, has developed a series of free courses for Veterans and their Families to help build resilience and reduce the impact of stress. Resilient Warrior targets Service Members and Veterans, while Resilient Family is focused on serving the multi-general family who supports the Service Member or Veteran. Building resilience is critically important for Military Service Members, Veterans and their Families, given the extreme stress that they are often exposed to as part of their service. Thus, resilience skills are vital in managing the effects of post-traumatic stress and other Invisible Wounds of War.

These programs are designed to help participants:

    • Learn how to manage stress and anger
    • Gain support from other veterans and/or family members
    • Build skills to talk to others more effectively
    • Increase patience when frustrated
    • Train the mind and body to relax more
    • Improve sleep, nutrition and exercise
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