Home Base Remembers Honorary Director, President George H.W. Bush

President Bush greets troops in Saudi Arabia during his Thanksgiving visit.
22 November 1990
Credit: George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

Home Base, a Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Program joins mourners across the country in remembering our Nation’s 41st President George Herbert Walker Bush. During his lifetime, he both served in the military and made a significant impact as an advocate of Veterans and their Families.

“President Bush will always be remembered for his service to others, especially supporting and caring for those who willingly placed their lives in harm’s way to safeguard this Nation,” said Home Base Executive Director Brigadier General (ret.) Jack Hammond. “As a member of Home Base’s Honorary Board, Mr. Bush believed in Home Base, working in support of our noble missions of empowering veterans to make a smooth and successful transition to quality life. We will forever be grateful for his leadership.”

Home Base operates the largest, private sector clinics in America solely focused on healing the invisible wounds and mental health injuries facing our veterans and their families. Home Base has provided this care, at no cost, to more than 19,000 Veterans their family members from across the country. “President Bush was a Patriot serving his country and continued to serve as a leader in bringing resources and attention to bear upon these very complex and challenging issues,” added Hammond.

President George H.W. Bush, who died late Friday and lies in state at the US Capitol Rotunda, drew an immediate outpouring of mourners from around the country to include 4-Star General (ret) Frederick M. Franks, Jr., Honorary Director of the Home Base program in Southwest Florida and Senior Advisor to Home Base.

General Franks was severely wounded in Vietnam and 20 years later, during Mr. Bush’s Presidency, commanded the U.S. VII Corps in the highly successful “Left Hook” maneuver against fourteen Iraqi divisions, which has since been known to be President Bush’s greatest mark on history. At the invitation of the Bush family, General Franks joined a group of iconic General Officers at the Capital Rotunda Tuesday afternoon to pay respects to the Bush family patriarch on behalf of all VII Corps soldiers. Wearing the Presidential tie clip personally given to him by the 41st President, General Franks says he will always be remembered as “a humble man with a steel will.”

Today, as the Nation lays to rest one of our most iconic freedom fighters, we at Home Base extend our condolences to the Bush family, salute President George H.W. Bush and honor his service to our country.