Eliminating Barriers to Care: Why Home Base Offers Virtual Visits, Extended Clinical Hours and More

“At Home Base, patients report a high level of satisfaction when they meet their provider in person, said Dr. Mireya Nadal, Medical Director, Home Base. “Knowing that we are always thinking about ways to expand the accessibility of our clinic, and our fantastic clinical team is helping make our resources more accessible than ever.”

Since Home Base’s inception in 2009, we have been committed to eliminating barriers to care for Post-9/11 Veterans, Service Members, and their Families. We sometimes hear that folks do not want to drive into the city for clinical appointments and that if they do, it is difficult to get time off of work to make the trip. To that end, Home Base offers virtual visits and extended clinical hours to ease the burden on patients.

Virtual visits, otherwise known as telehealth, allow patients to have their appointments via pre-scheduled video conferencing with their providers. For the first appointment, Home Base requires patients to come to the clinic to meet and establish a relationship with their provider. Subsequently, if deemed appropriate, patients can complete up to three-quarters of their visits through online video conferencing from the comfort of their home.  Telehealth is not a fit for everyone, and it is only available to folks living in Massachusetts. A Home Base clinician can help determine what the best course of treatment for each person may be.

For those who are traveling to Home Base’s regional outpatient clinic, they too have options. Veterans, Service Members, and Military family members can take advantage of off-hour appointments: time slots open outside of the standard 9-5 hours that many medical practices hold.

Home Base also offers free babysitting for those who need child care to attend an appointment, parking in downtown Boston is free, and Home Base provides treatment regardless of ability to pay or discharge status.  With these efforts, Home Base aims to treat Veterans, Service Members, and Military family members than ever before, and ensure everyone who needs care can get care.

For further information and to see what course of treatment would be the best fit for you, call our clinic at 617-724-5202 or visit homebase.org