Home Base's Veterans Day Special

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Thank you for joining us on Friday, November 10, 2017, for the 3rd annual Home Base Veterans Day Special: a 90-minute, commercial-free television event highlighting the multifaceted aspects of Home Base. This telethon aired from on ABC affiliates WCVB-TV Channel 5 in Massachusetts, on WMUR-TV Channel 9 in New Hampshire and WMTW Channel 8 in Maine.  The broadcast aimed to educate the community at large about the invisible wounds of war and focused on patients who bravely share their story in hopes of reducing stigma.

This year’s telethons were hosted by WCVB-TV NewsCenter 5 News Anchor and U.S. Air Force Veteran Randy Price and WMUR-TV News Anchor and military spouse Amy Coveno.

Meet Our Hosts

Randy Price, WCVB-TV
As one of Boston’s best-known TV journalists, Randy began his broadcast career in college radio at Louisiana Tech University and then Louisiana State University in his home city of Baton Rouge.  As a member of the U.S. Air Force, Randy moved into television with the American Forces Radio and Television Service. After his military duty, Randy became the lead anchor at television stations in Bakersfield, California, and Toledo, Ohio, before coming to Boston, He has anchored at all of the major network-affiliated stations in the city as well as hosting TV specials from time to time.

Randy helps millions of viewers get a jump start on their days news anchor for live news coverage weekday mornings on WCVB Channel 5, WCVB.com and WCVB mobile apps.


Amy Coveno, WMUR-TV

Amy majored in TV journalism at Colorado State University, but didn’t actually get into the business full-time until 2003 with an offer from WHIO in Dayton, Ohio, to report and anchor on weekend mornings. Since 2007, the Emmy-nominated Journalist has anchored WMUR News 9 This Morning on Saturdays and Sundays. Most recently this year, Amy’s reporting earned her a second Edward R. Murrow Award as well as a New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters Granite Mike Award for her news documentary about the effects of the opioid crisis on New Hampshire grandparents.

Amy grew up as an Air Force brat and then married into the Air Force herself. She and her husband Rick have been married over 20 years and have traveled the country, and the world with his career, before settling in New England when he retired. Amy and Rick have three daughters and a son. Their eldest daughter is serving as an officer in the USAF and is currently stationed on Andersen Air Force Base Guam in the Western Pacific.


2017 Veterans Day Special

Patient stories and other videos from the 2016 broadcast of Home Base’s Veterans Day Special are available to view below.