Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorder

Many people trying to combat concerns like PTS, depression and anxiety cope by using drugs and alcohol to avoid distressing memories, reduce feelings of agitation, or to feel more comfortable in social settings. A recent study of VA Medical Centers shows that almost a quarter of Veterans who have a diagnosis of PTSD also have a co-occurring diagnosis of Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

As with all clinical syndromes, a thorough assessment is needed to evaluate the seriousness of the substance use and how substance use is related to other mental health problems. All clinical staff at Home Base are trained to identify co-occurring substance use and several specialize in the assessment and treatment of substance use.

When a Service Member or Veteran is diagnosed, he/she has two fights on their hands–both substance abuse and emotional difficulties such as PTSD or depression. The best evidence-based approach is an integrated model of treatment. This is imperative because of the complexity of one problem playing off the other. The integrated model of one treatment approach that we use here at Home Base will help our patients win this two-against-one battle, which is also called a co-occurring disorder.

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